Our Customers

UniTech values and benefits from the input and experience of its customers. UniTech’s commitment to meeting and anticipating customer needs has led to the development of the safety services, programs and products offered today. UniTech has extensive experience working with nuclear power plants, Department of Energy facilities and others in the industry. Following is an outline of some of the projects UniTech undertook for the D.O.E.:

D.O.E. Hanford

UniTech was awarded the contract for Hanford’s first privatization effort in August, 1992. Within 12 months, UniTech procured property, designed and engineered the facility for D.O.E. laundry specifications and constructed the Richland plant. Operations began in August 1993. Today, pickups are made for over 120 user groups on site. Feedback from Hanford’s on-site laundry operation indicates that the quality, reliability and convenience of UniTech’s service has been excellent and has resulted in over 30% cost savings.

Los Alamos National Labs

UniTech has serviced LANL laundry for over 25 years. Recently, LANL converted their clothing program to a complete lease system with each user group having a dedicated inventory, resulting in cost savings and increased flexibility for clothing and accessory specifications. Today, UniTech services approximately 30 different facilities at the site.

Major Nuclear Utilties Serviced

  • Excelon
  • First Energy

Other UniTech Clients

  • U.S. Nuclear Utilities
  • Fuel Fabricators
  • University and Reaserch Facilities

Other D.O.E. Sites Serviced by UniTech

  • Idaho Nuclear Engineering Labs
  • Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
  • Savannah River
  • Sandia National Labs
  • Argonne National Labs
  • Lawrence Livermore National Labs