Key Partners

UniTech benefits from the support of strong business partners that can supplement our offerings with products and services that our customers need.


Utilities Service Alliance (USA) is a not-for-profit cooperative designed to facilitate collaboration among its member utilities. Together, we work to reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve safety and performance, and provide innovation and leadership within the nuclear power industry. At USA everything we are and everything we do is dedicated to “working together for mutual success.” UniTech Services Group is a supplier and partner.
UniTech partners with 3M to offer its advanced Versaflo™ respirator systems. 3M is committed to providing systems ideal for nuclear industry needs. These systems are readily customizable for specific site, project and worker requirement.
Uticom, a signage manufacturer, recently partnered with UniTech to improve on-the-ground instructions at nuclear facilities. The Pennsylvania company provides effective graphics for harsh environments and has worked on government and commercial projects for more than twenty years.
Glacier Tek™ and UniTech partner to offer NUCool™ Vest to UniTech’s customers. Designed for the nuclear industry, the first-of-its-kind cooling vest is manufactured from CoolTech fabric with Moisture Control System® (MCS) Adaptive Technology, providing improved thermal regulation for the wearer.
Dycem® is a leading manufacturer and supplier of contamination control floor solutions for critical environments and clean rooms. UniTech is proud to be the exclusive nuclear industry distributor for Dycem® floor mats.