Green, Clean, Sustainable Meet Key Environmental Goals and Save Money

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What’s important to your nuclear facility?

Increasingly, environmental goals, including reducing carbon emissions and footprint, are important to customers, regulators, shareholders, and influentials – and therefore, are important to you.

UniTech goes the extra mile to assure that our customers meet their environmental objectives – and that they meet their other “green” goal as well as saving money.


Launderable Protective Clothing – The Right Choice ProTech Plus® with CoolTech

UniTech ProTech Plus® with CoolTech beats OREX Ultra over OREX Scrubs HANDS-DOWN in balancing protection, comfort, cost, and environmental benefits.

Best for the environment:

  • Dramatically reduces carbon footprint
  • Easy to launder, decontaminate and reuse

Best protection:

  • Minimum penetration
  • Durability during work (no ripouts)
  • Performance in varied environments (including wet/dry)

Best comfort:

  • Low heat stress
  • Minimal ergonomic encumbrance
  • Enhanced garment design and convenience features

Lowest cost:

  • Acquisition (purchase price, delivery and storage cost)
  • Minimal use failures
  • Disposal (sorting, shipping, radwaste)
  • Quicker dressouts
  • Much lower life cycle cost

While society continues to debate climate change, our conviction remains clear – climate change is real and our industrial world is a significant contributing factor. Exelon focuses on the reduction of carbon emissions because we hold an influential role as an electricity generator and distributor in seeing this industry through to a sustainable future.

Exelon Corp.

Without nuclear plants, about 133 million of the nation’s 136 million passenger cars would have to be eliminated to keep U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from increasing. More than 400 nuclear power plants worldwide produce 14 percent of the world’s electricity, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 2.5 billion metric tons per year.

First Energy

At FPL, we’re committed to providing energy solutions to protect our environment and curb climate change. Nuclear power is one of those solutions. Together, FPL’s St. Lucie and Turkey Point nuclear power plants provide about 23% of our total output. That’s clean, safe and reliable electricity for our more than 4.6 million customers. The four nuclear units at these sites help FPL prevent more than 12 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year, the equivalent of taking 2 million cars off the road.

NextEra Energy

We monitor and assess the environmental impact of our operations to improve our performance. We continually seek opportunities to prevent pollution and conserve natural resources in balance with maintaining reliability and low-cost service to our customers.

Southern Company

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