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Garment Leasing

Your primary business is not managing a protective garment program – ours is. With a UniTech leasing program, we manage garment inventory, storage, maintenance, and LLW disposal. What’s more, you will reduce your costs for peak-need reserves, storage, inventory, maintenance, and capital financing.


Total Onsite Clothing Management

UniTech labor distributes protective clothing throughout your site as part of Total Onsite Clothing Management, so contract staff that used to do this task can now perform other critical outage work. We work on outages at plants around the world, and can provide immediate insight into reducing PCEs.

Sequencing the [carbon reduction] options from least cost to highest cost helps provide a sense of the relative priority of the abatement measures and can be used to identify the least-cost approach to achieving any targeted level of emissions reduction.

Tennessee Valley Authority

Nuclear energy is also our country’s largest source of carbon-free electricity, producing no greenhouse gases. To meet our customers’ future energy needs, we are working now to ensure that clean, new nuclear generation is available.

Duke Energy

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