UniTech Spring 2016 Newsletter

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Nuclear Plant Management Under Pressure To Cut Costs

Nuclear plant management is getting the word from above: cut costs or risk closure.
At some point, it becomes challenging for management to devise yet more ways to cut costs without negatively affecting safety or productivity.

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Rally Cry for Nuclear Energy

The Paris climate talks highlighted renewed interest in the benefits of nuclear energy and spurred calls for increased attention to planning for nuclear energy production.

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Latest Innovations in Tool and Metal Monitoring and Decontamination

LM8 Monitor, VM3 Monitor, IP1 Monitor, IC2 Monitor, OC2 Monitor, Alpha Count

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New Longer GripTech Gloves

We’ve recently added a 14-inch high-visibility Nitrile GripTech glove to our line.

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Project Updates

UniTech has finalized a long-term agreement with the world’s largest nuclear utility, EDF, to provide protective apparel laundry services to EDF plants. To support this major contract, UniTech will construct a new facility in Joinville, France.

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