ProTech Plus® – The Industry’s Best Protective Garment

ProTech Plus is the flagship product of our proven line. ProTech Plus incorporates IMPASSE® finishing and an array of textile enhancements to accommodate our industry’s evolving needs:

  • New Weave Technology – Improved strength and barrier performance.
  • Water Repellency Treatment – Latest technology, fluoroalkyl ether, process repels water and oils and is regenerated during the cleaning process.
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment – Minimizes bacteria-caused odors and mildew agents.
  • Anti-Static Properties – Improved carbon filament prevents static charge buildup, reducing particle and radon attraction.

Check out our ProTech literature.


CoolTech Scrubs – Wickable comfort, low cost per use

  • Advanced wickable fabric draws moisture away from the body, improving overall worker comfort.
  • Best protection – a tight material weave ­provides improved protection. A carbon filament anti-static grid minimizes radon ­adherence concerns.
  • Professional look is extremely lightweight, tight-weave polyester.
  • Theft protection (small box for Garment Sentry, here shown at page end) – each pair of scrubs is embedded with a small anti-theft strip, sewn into a seam and virtually undetectable to the wearer; helps ensure unauthorized material does not leave the site.
  • Shirts feature a left breast pocket inside and out, and a color-coded tape along the “V” neckline that indicates sizing for ease of dispensing. Pants and shorts feature cargo pockets as well as color-coded cross drawstrings for easy size identification.
  • Available in Long and Short Sleeve Shirts as well as Long and Short Pants; reversible.

Check out our CoolTech literature.

100% Cotton Innerall Scrubs

  • Made from breathable and durable 100% cotton, making them ideal for use under all FR garments.
  • Long Sleeve Shirts feature a left breast pocket inside and out, as well as a color-coded tape along the “V” neckline that indicates sizing for ease of dispensing.
  • Pants feature right side hip pockets as well as color-coded cross drawstrings for easy size identification.
  • Fully reversible.

ColorSized™ program

UniTech’s ColorSized™ size identification program accelerates garment selection in controlled-side change rooms. Rubber gloves, shoe covers and coverall sizes can be instantly identified through this color-coded system. Saves time on inventory room management, too.

Check out our ColorSized™ literature.



Nuclear facility workers encounter a unique variety of potentially serious occupational hazards. Among them are burns from electric arcs, welding sparks and other combustible hazards. Radiation protection management must prescribe the proper Anti-C protective clothing to protect against any or all of these potential risks. Anti-C protective clothing must meet the burn safety criteria of OSHA Rule 29CFR Part 1910.269 and be compliant with NFPA standards 2112 and NFPA 70E.

As a pioneer in nuclear protective clothing products and services, UniTech has addressed these needs by researching fabrics that surpass the various protective and comfort requirements for nuclear workers. The culmination of our efforts is Anti-C/FR, which reduces the fabric weight without sacrificing the protection. UniTech FR protective fabrics are made from 88% soft cotton and 12% high tenacity nylon fabric, offering a remarkably comfortable and yet durable garment with excellent decontamination factors.


Garment Sentry™

Keep modesty garments from leaving your facility. Address the concern about low-level radioactivity on modesty garments or other items that could bypass exit portal monitors.

  • Set up Garment Sentry at worker exits.
  • UniTech modesty garments and other relevant items have thin (5 mil) security strips encapsulated and hidden in seams so they can’t be felt or removed; these strips can be commercially laundered with no negative effect on their functionality.
  • Audible and visible alarms.
  • Full coverage to 6′ height.
  • 36″ or 60″ aisle.