Heat Stress Management / Anti-C/FR


Glacier Tek NUCool Vest

Glacier Tek™ NUCool™ Vest is designed specifically for the nuclear industry. This first-of-its-kind cooling vest is manufactured from CoolTech fabric with Moisture Control System® (MCS) Adaptive Technology. MCS Adaptive Technology provides improved thermal regulation, which keeps the wearer drier and more comfortable in most types of environments.

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The AquaVest® System from CoolShirt Systems

AquaVest® System keeps workers cool and comfortable by helping to maintain a safe core body temperature and lessening dehydration. It is launderable. Patented non-kink tubing ensures consistent and continual cooling. It can be used with the Back Pack System or Multi-Person System.

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Nuclear facility workers encounter a unique variety of potentially serious occupational hazards. Among them are burns from electric arcs, welding sparks and other combustible hazards. Radiation protection management must prescribe the proper Anti-C protective clothing to protect against any or all of these potential risks. Anti-C protective clothing must meet the burn safety criteria of OSHA Rule 29CFR Part 1910.269 and be compliant with NFPA standards 2112 and NFPA 70E.

As a pioneer in nuclear protective clothing products and services, UniTech has addressed these needs by researching fabrics that surpass the various protective and comfort requirements for nuclear workers. The culmination of our efforts is Anti-C/FR, which reduces the fabric weight without sacrificing the protection. UniTech FR protective fabrics are made from 88% soft cotton and 12% high tenacity nylon fabric, offering a remarkably comfortable and yet durable garment with excellent decontamination factors.