Balancing Protection • Comfort • Cost • Environment

Sure, you could wear a plastic bag at work. It provides a great barrier. But you would suffer severe heat stress.

Let’s get real.

ProTech Plus® with CoolTech beats OREX Ultra over OREX Scrubs HANDS-DOWN in balancing protection, comfort, cost, and environmental benefits.

Best Protection means…

  • Minimum penetration
  • Durability during work (no ripouts)
  • Performance in varied environments (including wet/dry)

Best Comfort means…

  • Low heat stress
  • Minimal ergonomic encumbrance
  • Enhanced garment design and convenience features
  • Orex Disposable

Lowest Cost means…

  • Acquisition (purchase price, delivery and storage cost)
  • Minimal use failures
  • Disposal (sorting, shipping, radwaste)
  • Quicker dressouts
  • Life cycle cost

Best for the Environment means…

  • Dramatically reduces carbon footprint
  • Easy to launder, decontaminate and reuse

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