Materials Processing & Waste Management

In 2016, UniTech acquired Babcock Services, Inc.’s Oak Ridge, Tennessee service center waste processing operations and IceSolve, LLC, its industrial cleaning and remediation service. With the acquisition of the Oak Ridge Service Center (ORSC), UniTech provides a complete material processing and waste management system that addresses critical needs in the nuclear industry.UniTech combines expertise in radiological monitoring and decontamination and provides licensed Bulk Survey for Release (BSFR) disposal at reduced rates with the ORSC. UniTech’s regional facilities accept tools, equipment and other materials from customers, then monitor, decontaminate and, as needed, ship contaminated materials to ORSC for final disposition. UniTech customers have the assurance of a turnkey process, along with financial savings.

Why UniTech? Significant savings, regulatory compliance advantages and a streamlined process.

  • Regional facilities can pick up materials from customers, then monitor, decontaminate and, as needed, ship to ORSC for licensed BSFR disposal at reduced rates.
  • UniTech provides cost-effective non-outage tool and metal decontamination services via ORSC and its BSFR processing license.
  • With ORSC, UniTech’s fusion of radiological monitoring expertise and BSFR expertise provides cost-effective material processing, minimizing radiological waste expenses for customers.
  • While at a customer’s facility for outage work, UniTech can easily pick up Dry Active Waste (DAW) for segregation and sorting. ORSC can provide sorting and analysis of DAW, metals, wood, and OREX products, as well as in-house decontamination, recycling, free release of eligible materials, and materials transportation.
UniTech’s Oak Ridge Service Center provides the following:


Segregation and sorting

Dry Active Waste (DAW)



OREX Products

In-House Decontamination

Tool & Metal


Lead Blankets

Frac Tanks



HEPA Maintenance

Equipment Inventory Maintenance