Respirator Services



UniTech is committed to providing its customers with the most advanced respirators available, and for this reason partners with 3M to offer its advanced Versaflo™ respirator systems. 3M is committed to providing systems ideal for nuclear industry needs. These systems are readily customizable for specific site, project and worker requirement.

Comprehensive service

UniTech partners with its customers and with 3M to provide the most comprehensive respirator management program available. To assure that our customers have the supply of quality, safe, decontaminated respirators they need, and that these respirators are processed according to high industry standards, UniTech respiratory protection experts provide a full range of procedures to assure ongoing safety and quality management. In addition, UniTech can provide onsite, expert staffing to conduct these processes for its customers on an as-needed basis. Training, posters and ongoing support for your staff is also available.

We will maintain, decontaminate and manage customers’ respirator inventory – including providing expert onsite labor when desired

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