Decontamination Value Proposition


Cost Savings

Minimize radwaste expenses and reduce budgets leading up to INPO inspections. UniTech’s off-site decontamination services enable tools and equipment to be reused, resold and recycled. UniTech provides the lowest overall cost for decontamination services. This includes reduced labor expenses, innovative decontamination equipment and some of the most efficient, customized monitoring instrumentation in the world.

Reduce Maintenance Spend

Sites no longer need to buy the same tools and equipment just because they have done so in the past. UniTech will partner with fleet managers to determine materials for reuse. Using UniTech to inventory, store and ship tools and equipment in time for outages and capital projects will enable fleet managers to discontinue unnecessary purchases of new tools and equipment.

Investment Recovery

Maximize return on investment through the resale and recycling of obsolete material. UniTech’s program will inventory material based on the needs of fleet management. Resale items will remain the property of the fleet and 100% of recovered revenue will remain with the fleet. Revenue from recycle items sold by UniTech (after release for unrestricted use) will be split 50% between UniTech and the site.


Geographic Proximity & Security Inspections

UniTech locations throughout the U.S. allow reduced freight expenses, utilization of shared-fleet security programs and flexible scheduling arrangements.


UniTech’s customized, proprietary monitoring equipment provides the highest level of confidence to ensure that materials for resale and recycling meet strict release criteria.

Eliminate Liability

UniTech’s program greatly reduces the potential for personal contamination events (PCEs) by decontaminating tools and equipment for reuse. In addition, UniTech will work to declutter storage areas of obsolete equipment and reduce areas of concern in an INPO inspection.



“Reduce” radwaste, “Reuse” tools and equipment and “Recycle” obsolete material. It’s the smart choice.