Automated Laundry Monitors (ALMs)


UniTech has developed Automated Laundry Monitors (ALMs) for every monitoring need.

  • Digital instrumentation with individually amplified detector signals allow for monitoring to very low levels of activity.
  • All systems use two rows of staggered gas flow detectors (both above and below the item) with adjustable height and synchronized wire mesh conveyors to minimize detector-to-garment distance and provide optimal counting geometry.

Small Probe ALM (FLM)

The ALM 100 uses 100 sq. cm. detectors arranged in two rows with the back row of detectors offset 50% from the front row both below and above the belt. The small offset probe arrangement results in effective hot particle detection while minimizing false over-rejection.

Low Activity Monitors (LAM)

The LAM 410 uses 410 sq. cm. detectors in an offset probe arrangement. Typical usage includes personal items, daily wear, undergarments, towels, scrubs, and radwaste segregation.

Alpha/Beta Monitors (ABM)

Our ABALM-100/600 (Alpha/Beta Monitor) uses 100 sq. cm. beta detectors and 600 sq. cm. alpha detectors in a double offset probe arrangement above and below the belt to ensure there are no dead zones across the monitoring bed width thus ensuring every surface is monitored. PC-based counting instrumentation simplifies operation and allows for computer-controlled alarm points and user-selected confidence levels.

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