Decommissioning Services

While none of us want to see nuclear reactors retired (particularly ahead of schedule), we understand that decommissioning project teams need to minimize capital expenditures and radwaste for the safety equipment they will inevitably need to get the job done.

Leveraging just-in-time inventory for decommissioning.

Putting to use our Mobile Supply Store, we can provide just-in-time inventory of all safety products needed for decommissioning — and you will only pay for the items your team uses.

The best safety products.

We offer respiratory equipment leasing, so that you don’t have to invest in respirators, only to be unsure how they will be used after decommissioning.

Fill your decommissioning Mobile Supply Store with top-of-the-line safety products from our key partner, 3M®, including its Versaflo® respirator systems and Python Safety® line of injury prevention items.

Nuclear Decommissioning 2

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