About Us

UniTech Services Group (UniTech) is the nuclear services subsidiary of UniFirst Corporation. Founded in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1957, UniTech has grown to more than 500 employees in 11 licensed facilities throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. UniTech’s management team features individuals with a diverse range of education, training and skills. Collectively, UniTech management boasts over 200 years of nuclear/protective wear laundry experience. UniClean, a division of UniFirst Corporation, is a full service cleanroom laundry provider specializing in garment rental and processing.

Our Customers

UniTech values and benefits from the input and experience of its customers. As a part of UniFirst Corporation, we were the world’s first licensed radiological laundry in the 1950s, and we are the world’s largest provider of radiological laundry and protective wear programs today. Our commitment to meeting and anticipating customer needs has led us to develop the new safety services, programs and products that we offer now.

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Our History

Since the company’s founding, UniTech has developed a diverse suite of service offerings for the nuclear industry, including:

Radiological Laundry Services

UniTech was the first commercial nuclear decontamination laundry company licensed in the United States. UniTech currently provides protective wear services nationwide for approximately 80% of all operating U.S. commercial power reactors and Department of Energy nuclear facilities, as well as a number of fuel fabrication plants and private facilities.

Protective Wear Lease/Rental Services

UniTech began leasing and renting protective wear and offering related services in order to relieve our customers of the ongoing burdens and expense associated with purchase, maintenance, storage and disposal of such garments. With an inventory of over 500,000 sets of protective clothing and 25,000 respirators, UniTech can respond quickly to any customer request, including urgent and high-volume needs. UniTech presently supplies around 40 nuclear facilities with all or part of their protective wear requirements.


UniTech owns and operates a fleet of vehicles in strict adherence to applicable Department of Transportation and state regulations. In nearly 50 years of operation, covering over 30,000,000 miles, UniTech has never had an accident involving the release of contamination to the environment.

Respiratory Protection Services

UniTech has provided respirator and related services for more than 25 years, including decontamination, recertification, repair, leak testing and filter testing. UniTech currently provides these services to many nuclear facilities world-wide.

Protective Wear Development

In 1992, UniTech formed a strategic partnership with E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company, Precision Fabric Group, and North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles to develop a fabric specifically designed to meet the requirements of nuclear protective wear. Their goal was to achieve superior barrier properties against particulate contamination, reduced heat stress, greater resistance to contamination, and improved decontamination properties while remaining comfortable for the wearer. The resulting product, ProTech 2000, was introduced in August 1993 and rapidly became the material of choice for nuclear protective wear. With continuing improvements, this product has now evolved into the industry-leading ProTech Plus.

Laundry Monitor Development

Recognizing a need for automated protective wear contamination monitoring that met the needs of industrial laundry operations, UniTech designed and built their first Automated Laundry Monitor (ALM) in 1983. Since then, UniTech has designed and manufactured five generations of ALMs, contamination monitors, and other specialized monitoring systems. To date, UniTech has built more than 50 double width ALMs for use in nationwide facilities.

Design/Construction of Nuclear Decontamination Facilities

UniTech’s present management team has designed, built, and licensed five new nuclear laundry facilities since 1982. During this same period, UniTech has renovated and expanded five existing laundries, designed and built a respirator processing facility and various mobile decontamination facilities for processing laundry, metal, and respirators.

Nuclear Facilities Decommissioning

In addition to building and renovating facilities, UniTech has successfully decommissioned four nuclear laundries in the last 10 years. Upon completion of decommissioning activities, each site was surveyed by the appropriate regulatory agencies and approved for unrestricted use. UniTech guarantees that funds will be available by establishing Decommissioning Surety Funds for each laundry facility.

ISO Certification

UniTech was initially certified to ISO 9002 in 1996. In 2003, UniTech was successful in certifying all of its laundry facilities to the new ISO 9001 standard. Additionally, in 2003, UniTech’s Springfield, MA location became the first of the UniTech plants to develop an environmental management system and receive certification to the ISO 14001 environmental standard. These quality environmental systems will continue to assure UniTech’s success in consistently providing quality services and products in an environmentally safe manner.

Standing with Regulatory Agencies

UniTech has operated licensed radiological laundries for nearly 50 years. Presently we have facilities licensed in nine (9) different agreement states. UniTech strives to be self regulating; our Corporate Health Physics Staff conducts rigorous compliance audits at each licensed facility annually. Regular unnannounced audits from regulatory and quality agencies assure our customers that UniTech operations are both compliant and continually improving. We also encourage our customers to perform periodic audits of our facilities.