Decontamination Innovations

UniTech employs a wide range of nuclear decontamination processes, ensuring that we have a solution for every unique component that comes our way. These decontamination processes include the following:

  • CO2 blasting
  • Pressure washing
  • CO2 dry ice
  • Plastic bead
  • Multimedia
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Walnut shells
  • HEPA-controlled and precise manual decontamination

What makes our decontamination capabilities particularly advantageous for customers is that we essentially have a complete material processing and waste management system, specifically established to help nuclear plants reduce, reuse, and recycle materials as much as possible.

UniTech’s regional facilities accept tools, equipment, and other materials from customers, then monitor, decontaminate and, as needed, ship contaminated materials to the Oak Ridge Service Center for final disposition.

Our tool, metal, and equipment monitoring and decontamination services easily sync with our waste management capabilities. If your nuclear plant sends us materials that aren’t reusable, our Oak Ridge Service Center boasts radiological monitoring and decontamination expertise, combined with Bulk Survey for Release (BSFR) disposal at reduced rates.

The right tool management program for you

Our nationwide presence and storage capacity, combined with our decon expertise, allows us to offer our customers unique tool management, leasing, and storage programs.

If desired, UniTech can inventory, store and return items to customers on a just-in-time basis, with user-friendly database management for those who may want to reuse various items. In this case, UniTech will photograph, log, and maintain a database of the tools and equipment we store for a customer. When the next outage demands any of these tools or equipment, the customer simply goes to the database and clicks the items it wants returned to its facility.

Ideally, by partnering with UniTech for tool management, nuclear utilities can significantly lower overhead cost for outage tools, sharing outage tools between the multiple nuclear plants in their fleet.

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