Nuclear Waste Disposal Capabilities

Providing the Best in Nuclear & Radioactive Waste Disposal

UniTech has made substantial investment in nuclear waste disposal, becoming the solutions-based partner nuclear plants need to make cost-effective waste management decisions, while lessening their carbon footprint as much as possible.

Ultimately, our customers can expect significant savings, regulatory compliance advantages, and streamlined processes they can’t get from other partners. Our nuclear and radioactive waste disposal capabilities fit seamlessly with our tool and metal decontamination expertise, creating a turnkey solution for our customers.

Segregation, sorting, and analysis of dry active waste (DAW), metals, wood, and single-use garments.

UniTech’s regional facilities accept tools, equipment and other materials from customers, then monitor, decontaminate and, as needed, ship contaminated materials to the Oak Ridge Service Center (ORSC) for final disposition. Customers have the assurance of a turnkey process for their nuclear waste disposal needs, along with financial savings.

While at a customer’s facility for outage work, UniTech can easily pick up DAW for segregation and sorting. The ORSC can provide sorting and analysis of DAW, metals, wood, and single-use garments, as well as in-house decontamination, recycling, free release of eligible materials, and materials transportation.

Licensed Bulk Survey for Release (BSFR) disposal at reduced rates.

To reduce operational costs, nuclear plants often couple their protective clothing programs with our tool and metal decontamination and waste management programs.

Our nuclear and radioactive waste management program is a particularly attractive addition because we offer BSFR disposal at reduced rates, saving our customers millions of dollars each year.

Here’s an example of the immediate impact, when we first introduced BSFR capabilities in 2016:

Following D.C. Cook Nuclear Generating Station’s fall 2016 outage, UniTech’s ORSC sorted and processed 145,020 lbs. of total material; 85 percent of D.C. Cook’s waste qualified for BSFR disposal. By processing waste for BSFR disposal rather than Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) disposal, UniTech was able to save D.C. Cook close to 40 percent on waste management. For all DAW-sorted materials in the D.C. Cook project, UniTech achieved a composite price 40 percent lower than typical radwaste disposal rates.

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