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Setting the standard for radiation protective clothing and nuclear industry services since 1957.

Since 1957, when we became the first licensed provider in the United States, UniTech Services Group has served as the nuclear industry’s pioneering authority in radiological laundry services. A lot has changed in the industry since UniTech was founded in 1957, but we remain one of the longest-standing service providers in the nuclear industry.

Today UniTech’s management team boasts over 250 years of nuclear protective wear laundry experience, and UniTech provides protective clothing services to 80 percent of all operating U.S. commercial power reactors and Department of Energy nuclear facilities, as well as a number of fuel fabrication plants and private facilities.

For decades, we were “the laundry guys” — but over time, we’ve continually expanded our core service areas to serve other unmet industry needs, including nuclear protective clothing management and laundry; tool and metal decontamination; materials processing and waste management; and just-in-time inventory.

Founded in Springfield, MA, UniTech is a subsidiary of UniFirst Corporation, one of North America’s largest workwear and textile service companies.

Nuclear plant needs are evolving. So are we.

Our industry is resilient, but its needs are evolving every day. Nuclear plants need new strategies for cutting operational costs by 30 percent or more, while optimizing efficiency and safety. That’s where we come in.

Energy utilities across the United States, Canada, and Europe turn to UniTech for integrated programs to reduce spending, improve operations, and increase safety at their nuclear plants. Our services are designed to easily integrate for optimal fleet-wide savings, while reducing, reusing, and recycling materials as much as possible.

Continuous improvement and research drives our global team of 500-plus employees, from our unique 14-plus step protective clothing decontamination and controlled laundry process, to our custom tool and metal monitoring and decontamination methods. Our unique range of expertise is unmatched by any other service provider in the nuclear industry.

We listen to utilities — from executives to key staff in each plant — to further develop our protective apparel, tool and metal decontamination, waste management, and just-in-time inventory offerings to meet needs across the industry — as well as develop new offerings to solve problems nuclear plants are encountering.

We’re prepared to meet nuclear plant “problem projects” head-on. Whether you’ve accumulated a few million lbs. of contaminated tools, or need a 200-ton capacity crane processed, we’re the go-to problem-solving partner to the nuclear industry.

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