Monitoring & Decontamination Capabilities

Reduce radwaste. Reuse tools and equipment. Recycle obsolete material.

UniTech’s monitoring and decon services are designed to reduce your nuclear facility’s carbon footprint and help attain top-quartile regulatory ratings. Our customized tool and equipment monitoring, decontamination, and management services are the difference between accumulating contaminated tools and equipment, or having your site free of these problems.

Customers also turn to UniTech for unique monitoring and cutting challenges. We provide transportation, storage, the industry’s most advanced monitoring capabilities, decontamination, management for tools and equipment, materials processing, and waste management. Our custom monitoring solutions ensure customers get consistent, reliable, and repeatable monitoring results.

UniTech expertly monitors scaffolding, pipes, tools, FRAC tanks, fork and scissor lifts, ladders, lead blankets, HEPA maintenance, and much more, including unique needs. We provide cost-effective non-outage tool and metal decontamination services via our waste management center and its BSFR processing license.

UniTech’s off-site monitoring and decon services can augment your site’s laundry, respirator, and safety equipment decontamination programs. In addition, our capabilities make us the ideal partner for tackling your largest projects. 

You choose the value-add process that meets your facility’s needs.

  • Tool & Equipment Leasing
  • Tool & Equipment Management
  • Long-Term Storage of Tools, Equipment, and Materials


UniTech can remove trailers and contents from your site, monitor all materials, decontaminate as needed, and properly dispose of used equipment. If desired, UniTech can inventory, store, and return items to customers on a just-in-time basis, with user-friendly database management for those who may want to reuse various items. In this case, UniTech will photograph, log, and maintain a database of the tools and equipment we store for a customer. When the next outage demands any of these tools or equipment, the customer simply goes to the database and clicks the items they want returned to their facility.

Learn more about how we’re solving unique monitoring and decon challenges in the industry:

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