Monitoring Innovations

Much of UniTech’s tool and metal monitoring and decon program success comes from our commitment to consistent, reliable monitoring results our customers can depend on.

That means our expert team is constantly designing, building, and implementing customized monitors to ensure customers receive consistent and reliable monitoring results — no matter the geometry of the material. We commonly monitor scaffolding, pipes, tools, FRAC tanks, fork and scissor lifts, ladders, lead blankets, and HEPA maintenance. We also take on one-time and unique components from our customers as needed.

UniTech monitoring processes cannot be duplicated with handheld monitoring equipment. Below are just some of our monitoring innovations.

Straight Scaffold Pipe and Round Items Monitor

Overlapping detectors are positioned around the pipe, assuring that the exterior surfaces are completely monitored with computer controlled alarm points and user-selectable confidence levels. 

SAM Wedge

This UniTech-built device allows us to monitor Excel scaffold brace ends to release levels in an optimum geometry with the lowest background possible.

Respirator Filter Monitor

UniTech offers services using highly reliable automated conveying equipment for monitoring respirator filters.

9.5” Aluminum Plank and 9.5” Filler Aluminum Plank Monitor

This UniTech-designed monitor surveys 90 to 95 percent of all surfaces of the scaffold for fixed Beta and Alpha.

Excel Scaffold Vertical Leg Monitor

Some monitoring requires detectors that are shaped to match the item being monitored. Excel vertical leg piping has collars spaced every 8” along upright sections. UniTech’s specially shaped detectors survey entire sections of scaffolding in seconds.

Pipe Splitter

Splitter slices through long sections of pipe, exposing inaccessible areas to allow direct survey of fixed radioactivity. The pipe splitter cuts through metal up to three inches in diameter so internal surfaces can be surveyed for free release; splitting and monitoring also reveals whether internal surfaces need to be decontaminated.

“Beehive” Monitor

The “beehive monitor” provides custom monitoring of 3M™ Versaflo™ helmets, utilizing four distinctive detector arrays, providing consistent radiological monitoring with little to no change in geometry. These beehive monitors feature 35 gas-filled alpha-beta-gamma detectors, controlled by software similar to that featured in UniTech’s automated laundry monitors.

UniTech’s breathing tube monitor was derived from our custom scaffold monitor. The newly configured breathing tube monitor features 16 gas-filled alpha-beta-gamma detectors with fixed geometry for consistent radiological monitoring results.

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