Tool Metal & Equipment Monitoring & Decontamination

Nuclear facilities in the U.S., Canada and Europe turn to UniTech Services Group for all their monitoring and decontamination needs.


Why UniTech?

  • UniTech designs, builds and uses custom monitoring solutions to ensure customers get complete, consistent, reliable and repeatable monitoring results.
  • UniTech expertly monitors scaffolding, pipes, tools, FRAC tanks, fork and scissor lifts, ladders, and much more…including unique needs.
  • UniTech monitoring processes cannot be duplicated with handheld monitoring equipment.
  • The difference between accumulating contaminated tools and equipment on your site vs. using UniTech’s services can also make the difference between top-quartile or less desirable regulatory ratings.
  • UniTech’s radioactive material processing facilities provide low stable backgrounds, ample space, a focused labor group, and high-tech instrumentation for technically superior and cost-effective services.
  • We provide transportation, storage, the industry’s most advanced monitoring capabilities, decontamination, management for tools and equipment, materials processing, and waste management.

See our monitoring and decontamination literature and videos on this page to learn more. Or contact us today to discuss your needs.