Garment Leasing

Garment leasing from UniTech frees you to focus on other responsibilities without compromising nuclear protective clothing program quality or budget.

Enjoy nuclear protective clothing ownership benefits, without ownership liabilities. At most facilities, full garment inventories are active only one out of every eighteen months, or about 5% of the time. Given the high costs of nuclear protective clothing purchase and maintenance, leasing is a sensible option for many nuclear plants.

Garment leasing benefits:

  • Pay for inventory as you use it, saving money.

  • UniTech has the largest back-up inventory in the U.S., without warehouse costs or purchasing and receiving delays for our customers.

  • Leasing controls future disposal costs for spent inventory.

  • You can avoid tedious capital budgeting and approval.

  • Eliminates the hassle of mixed inventories, obsolescence, and storage of surplus garments.

  • We provide timely status reports and planning suggestions.

Is it less expensive to lease?

In the case of protective clothing, yes! The costs of peak-need reserves, storage and inventory charges, maintenance, and capital financing are all reduced through UniTech’s leasing program. Add your LLW disposal savings and leasing becomes the clear economic choice.

Why lease from UniTech?

Lease customers benefit from our purchasing power, vast garment inventory, nationwide locations, and dedicated truck fleet.

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