Heat Stress Management

Did you know that approximately 700 people die from heat stroke in the U.S. every year? Many more suffer from heat stress while on the job. UniTech Services Group provides the products and expertise you need to keep your workers safe and productive.

Personal Cooling Solutions from CoolShirt® Systems


The AquaVest™ from CoolShirt® Systems keeps workers cool and comfortable by helping to maintain a safe core body temperature and lessening dehydration. It is launderable. Patented non-kink tubing ensures consistent and continuous cooling. It can be used with the BackPack System or Multi-Person System. Available in sizes Medium-3XL.

* Other vest and shirt models and cooling systems are available – please inquire.

AquaVest™ BackPack Cooling System

Untethered, active cooling system for use with the AquaVest™ features full portability. 5.5 lbs.

CoolShirt® Multi-Person Cooling Station

Large 15-gallon cooling capacity for use with AquaVest™. Cooling station cools up to 6 people simultaneously. Uses standard 110 V standard plug. 8 and 20 ft. water hoses are available.

Glacier Tek™ NuCool™ Vest

To experience the comfort you need, simply put on a Glacier Tek™ Original Cool Vest or UniTech NuCool™ Vest. Each features a heavy-duty front zipper, side elastic straps and over-the-shoulder adjustability, designed to fit a wide range of body sizes. Cool Vest and NuCool Vest each provide a natural, comfortable solution to heat stress.

Cool Vest and NuCool™ Vest enable the wearer to maintain a comfortable temperature in even the most extreme heated work environments. Thanks to patented renewable phase-change cooling technology, Cool Vest and NuCool™ Vest remain thermally stable at 59°F (15°C) for up to 2.5 hours in 100°F (38 °C).

Cool Garments

CoolTech™ scrubs

More comfortable than disposable or cotton scrubs, CoolTech™ wicks moisture away from the body and dries quickly. Tight weave and an anti-static grid provide optimal protection. Scrubs are embedded with a thin anti-theft wire (for use with UniTech’s Garment Sentry™ system) preventing them from leaving the facility. Long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, and long pants are all available in sizes Small-4XL.

ProTech Plus® coveralls

For everyday comfort and minimized heat stress, choose ProTech Plus coveralls. EPRI’s “Guidelines for the Optimization of Protective Clothing – Heat Stress and Skin Contamination Protection” awarded ProTech coveralls a desirable ZERO Heat Stress Index adjustment factor (WBGT). Available in sizes Medium-6XL.

Respirator Systems

3M® Versaflo® PAPR Systems

Upgrade to 3M®’s comfortable, comprehensive approach to worker protection. Each ANSI approved respirator system has three easy-to-select modules — headgear, breathing tubes, and air sources — that can be combined into dozens of system configurations. 3M® Versaflo® can be configured to provide respiratory, head, eye and face, and hearing protection. Features include two-position adjustable airflow to distribute air where the user wants, multiple size adjustment options, and easily removable parts for cleaning and maintenance. TR-300 and TR-600 series available, as well as ANSI-approved hardhat and face shield.

3M® Vortex Cooling Assembly V-100 Series

Cool the supplied air by up to 50°F (28°C). This assembly works with 3M® High Pressure Supplied Air Respirator Systems that use 3M® Versaflo® S-Series Hoods and 3M® Versaflo® M-Series Helmets. The assembly allows the user to adjust airflow and temperature. In addition to a 50-ft. supplied air hose and cooling vortex assembly, parts include Tychem™ Hoods and ANSI-approved hard hat & face shield.

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