Hybrid Single-Use Protective Clothing Program

While UniTech offers industry-best launderable protective clothing, we also understand some nuclear facilities prefer single-use disposable protective clothing.

Our Hybrid Single-Use Protective Clothing Program meets this demand, without increased cost and radwaste, all while maintaining optimal worker safety.

The Hybrid Single-Use Protective Clothing Program offers the right combination of disposable garments, paired with launderable rubber shoes and gloves for reduced cost and radwaste. The program has proven to reduce outage costs by 40 percent, compared to fully disposable garments.

The program includes product, transportation, processing, and disposal.

Why customers choose the Hybrid Single-Use Protective Clothing Program:

  • The single-use garments that some facilities prefer, without the typical overhead cost or carbon footprint.
  • Increased worker safety with rubber gloves and shoes.
  • UniTech handles all transportation, processing, and disposal, including bulk survey for release (BSFR) at reduced rates.

A Hybrid dress-out includes:

  • SoftTech™ HD Disposable Hood
  • SoftTech™ HD Disposable Coverall
  • Polyethylene Disposable Booties
  • Launderable Rubber Gloves
  • Launderable Rubber Shoes

All items are delivered prior to your outage. After the outage, we’ll ship all rubber for laundering and all single-use garments for BSFR at our waste management center.

The Protective Difference

  • Not only are UniTech Hybrid Program gloves more affordable, they’re the smarter choice for protecting your employees. UniTech’s rubber gloves are 80 percent thicker and 25 percent longer, increasing protection and reducing hours spent on replacement of damaged rip-out gloves.
  • Fully disposable lay-flat shoes pose a serious safety hazard, lacking the heel and tread of the molded rubber shoe offered in our Hybrid Program.

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