Our Laundry Process

Protective Clothing Decontamination: Understanding the Science

UniTech’s unique controlled protective apparel laundry process is the result of years of research, development, and continuous improvement. Today, using newly available technology, and responding to customer requirements and industry regulation, UniTech’s controlled laundry process exceeds all standards set for safety, consistency, and garment cleanliness.



  • UniTech routinely tests garments before laundering and after each of the 14+ wash cycles.
  • UniTech laundries are consistently clean and sanitary. Our workers even wear special lab coats as if working in a cleanroom. We invite customers to tour our facilities to see for themselves.
  • UniTech’s laundering process has attained a standard of excellence in which post-laundry “rejects” virtually never happen – our process has in essence eliminated radiological rejects!

Does not permit redeposition onto the garment

Our proprietary pH Cycling Process detaches any loose contamination from the garment and does not permit redeposition onto the garment. Garments are clean and decontaminated when 14+ step laundering is complete.

Laundering and decontamination system inspiration

 UniTech’s unmatched laundering and decontamination system was inspired  and made possible by:

  • customer needs
  • excellent garment design and high-tech fabrics
  • high-tech wash process developed by chemists

Not mere industrial laundering

UniTech assures its customers receive a science-based, high-tech, closely controlled laundry process for nuclear protective apparel.

UniTech’s controlled laundry = 14+ step process including a multiple pH Cycling Process.

Consistent, reliable, repeatable monitoring verifies that garments are decontaminated.


Digital instrumentation with individually amplified detector signals allows for monitoring to very low levels of activity.

All systems use two rows of staggered gas flow detectors to assure optimal counting geometry above and below the belt. 100% of the surface of the garment is monitored.

UniTech’s small probe ALM 100 is the workhorse, supported by the low-activity LAM 410 and the alpha/beta ABALM 100/600 for the consistent, reliable, repeatable results we promise and deliver to our customers.

Our Laundry Process 1

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