ProTech Plus®

When we launched ProTech Plus®, the best got better.

ProTech Plus® is the flagship product of our proven line. With our technology, your workers can have it all: longevity, optimal protection, and comfort.

ProTech Plus incorporates IMPASSE® finishing and an array of textile enhancements to accommodate our industry’s evolving needs:


  • New Weave Technology — Improved strength and barrier performance.
  • Water Repellency Treatment — Latest technology fluoroalkyl ether process repels water and oils and is regenerated during the cleaning process.
  • Antimicrobial Treatment — Minimizes bacteria-caused odors and mildew agents.
  • Anti-Static Properties — Improved carbon filament prevents static charge buildup, reducing particle and radon attraction.

Better Protection

ProTech Plus® incorporates highquality micro-denier synthetic yarns which provide high-barrier protection and unsurpassed strength in arduous work environments.

Better Comfort

Workers prefer ProTech 4 to 1. The reason is simple: ProTech comfort is unmatched. This lightweight, supple fabric exhibits excellent air permeability and virtually no insulative or vapor resistance. In fact, EPRI NP-4453-L rates ProTech with a 0% clothing adjustment factor. Precise tailoring means correct size grades and no pinching or ballooning. Passive built-in venting reduces heat stress and maximizes worker comfort.

Better Economy

EPRI Report 7309 — Guide to Managing Nuclear Protective Clothing Programs — states that 200-300 uses are achievable with ProTech garments. ProTech’s extraordinary abrasion resistance and low radiological reject rates provide the lowest cost per use of any garment available— launderable, or single-use.

ProTech Plus® hoods and caps are also available.

UniTech’s ColorSized™ Program


To go along with our flagship ProTech Plus® coveralls, UniTech has developed an innovative garment size identification system. Our ColorSized™ system offers a simple, effective solution to the nuisance of controlled-side change room garment selection.

All rubber gloves, shoe covers, and coverall sizes can be instantly identified through our uniform color-code system.

ColorSized™ UniTech ProTech Plus® coveralls feature distinct colorfast piping on the collars which match the sizing standard for our gloves and shoe covers.

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