Radio Frequency (RF) Protection

Proven Personal Protection.

UniTech Services Group is a 50-year international leader in personnel radiation protection PPE. Our Naptex-based, flame-retardant RF garment system has been proven in worldwide use for 25 years and is the first ever CE-certified protective garment to reduce electromagnetic radiation.

UniTech RF garments use patented, conductive yarn containing stainless steel fibers in the core of the yarn. Tailoring is excellent and they can be machine washed with no deterioration in shielding or service life. UniTech has engineered a number of design features which add comfort, safety, and convenience. Notable is our new profile hood design which is far more comfortable than existing styles. In addition, our knit socks and gloves provide RF protection, comfort, and microbial resistance. UniTech’s proprietary RF fabric has been successfully certified to German standard DIN 32780 and fulfills all criteria stipulated therein.

RF Coveralls, Gloves, and Socks

RF apparel reduces exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, and allows for accessing RF radiation areas that exceed safe, unprotected levels. UniTech’s RF coveralls are both comfortable and durable, and they feature a hood for added protection. Constructed from Naptex, which consists of Nomex® fiber surrounding a stainless steel grid. Gloves are made from silverized knit and have a 3″ cuff. Knee-length socks are made from Padycare™ silverized knit.

Coverall is available in sizes M-XL. Hood, screen, gloves, and socks are one-size-fits-all.

RF Garment Rentals

U.S. customers have the option to rent UniTech RF garments for short-term projects. Rental assures user fit, as well as clean, inspected garments shipped just-in-time, direct to the work site. Renting makes it a snap to charge through required RF PPE and budget into project quotations. At the end of the project, users simply ship garments back to UniTech without the need to launder, inspect, or recertify.

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