Respirator Management Services

UniTech is committed to providing its customers with the most advanced respirators available, and for this reason partners with 3M® to offer its advanced Versaflo® respirator systems, ideal for nuclear industry needs. These systems are readily customizable for specific site, project and worker requirement, and UniTech carries a full catalog of parts.

To assure that our customers have the supply of quality, safe, decontaminated respirators they need, and that these respirators are processed according to high industry standards, UniTech respiratory protection experts provide a full range of procedures to assure ongoing safety and quality management. In addition, UniTech can provide on-site, expert staffing to conduct these processes for its customers on an as-needed basis. Training, posters, and ongoing support for your staff are also available.

We will maintain, decontaminate, and manage customers’ respirator inventory – including providing expert on-site labor when desired.

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About 3M® Versaflo® PAPR Systems

Upgrade to 3M®’s comfortable, comprehensive approach to worker protection. Each ANSI-approved respirator system has three easy-to-select modules — headgear, breathing tubes, and air sources — that can be combined into dozens of system configurations. 3M® Versaflo® can be configured to provide respiratory, head, eye and face, and hearing protection. Features include two-position adjustable airflow to distribute air where the user wants, multiple size adjustment options, and easily removable parts for cleaning and maintenance.


The Versaflo® system is easy to use, with simple, one-button operation. It also has two types of alarms — one audible and one LED — to alert the user to either a low battery or low airflow, such as when a particle filter is fully loaded.


The lightweight lithium ion battery quickly charges and has no memory effect or heavy metals. The Versaflo® system uses intelligent chargers to help maintain optimum battery performance and are available in single station or four-station configurations.


Finding the right Versaflo® respiratory system is easy. You may choose a complete PAPR assembly, or create your own by choosing from our products which best fit your needs.

Available in TR-300 and TR-600 models


The lightweight 3M® Versaflo® TR-300 Powered Air Purifying Respirator is the key to easy-to-use, versatile respirator systems for particulate environments. With its compact, well-balanced, and slim design, the Versaflo TR-300 powered air respirator is the answer to respiratory protection needs for many users.


The TR-600 takes the entire Versaflo® system to greater levels of confidence, control, and comfort. Representing an advanced evolution of technology with increased excellence in powered air respiratory safety, your world of protection just expanded and is better than ever.

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