Total On-Site Clothing Management Program

Looking to keep contracted staff focused on critical outage work?

UniTech’s Total On-Site Clothing Management Program places our team at your plant daily, for the entire duration of your outage.

Our team will handle on-site coordination, as well as shipping and receiving of your clothing; distribution; inventory management; and support to your team in reducing Personal Contamination Events (PCEs). Optionally, our Mobile Supply Store can be added to our On-Site Clothing Management Program if delivery and management of consumable products is also desired for your outage.

Why customers choose the On-Site Clothing Management Program:

  • Protective clothing is distributed by our team, freeing up your personnel.
  • Your team can focus on outage work and health physics coverage, without worrying about protective clothing needs.
  • UniTech staff is on-site to resolve any emergent issues.
  • Our team, experienced in working outages around the world, provides immediate insight to your team on reducing PCEs.

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