Waterproof Garments

DryGuard Plus™

DryGuard Plus™ is the one coverall best suited for wet applications.

UniTech’s new and enhanced disposable coverall is an integral part of our Hybrid Protective Clothing Program. Made of 83 GSM microporous film laminate, DryGuard Plus™ features ultrasonic seams and a taped outside to assure waterproofing, as well as a storm flap, hood, and elastic wrists and ankles. Available in sizes Large-5XL.

Common Garment Problems in Wet Work Environments

  • Barrier protection that doesn’t keep liquid out
  • Weak seams allow tear-through
  • Inadequate protection from wet contaminants
  • Sweat-through occurs
  • Uncomfortable
  • Not cost efficient


The DryGuard Solution

  • Microporous film laminate offers exceptional barrier and splash protection

    Triple-sealed seams (sewn, heat-sealed, and taped) provide added strength and protection in wet environments

  • Superior protection from wet contaminants
  • Protects against sweat-through
  • Excellent comfort combined with protection
  • Combines cost and protection as a second layer of disposable protective clothing

Neptune Suit™

Your No-Hassle Waterproof Supplied-Air Suit.

Maximizing its expertise serving the European nuclear industry and its strategic partnership with 3M®, UniTech has developed the Neptune Suit™, a waterproof protective suit that cuts customers costs in half. The Neptune Suit™ is a lightweight, waterproof suit made of quiet, comfortable polyurethane coated nylon fabric ideal for highly contaminated and damp areas.

The Neptune Suit™ features significant advantages over traditional waterproof protective suits. It has no expiration date, and can be laundered multiple times. Customers have the flexibility to use the Neptune Suit™ with or without supplied air, and it also features a vortex cooler, able to lower temperature for ultimate worker comfort.

Need reduced lead time for resupply of your waterproof protective suits? Need to standardize usage across your entire fleet? You need UniTech’s Neptune Suit™.


  • No expiration date
  • Flexibility of use with or without supplied air
  • Can be laundered multiple times, leading to significant savings
  • Enhanced worker comfort
  • Durable and applicable to many areas of operation
  • Air temperature can be lowered by the Vortex Cooler when used with supplied air
  • Reduced lead time for resupply
  • Easy to implement and standardize fleet-wide
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