Today’s nuclear industry turns to UniTech.

Since 1957, we’ve led the industry in developing and implementing advanced nuclear health services. Green, clean and sustainable, UniTech assures that nuclear facilities meet and exceed goals for safety, cost reduction and worker comfort… in every situation.

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UniTech Expands Waste Management Service

In May, UniTech acquired three Tennessee nuclear service providers: BES Technologies, LLC; Smoky Mountain Solutions; and Omega Waste Logistics (OWL). The acquisitions further extend UniTech’s commitment to turnkey nuclear waste processing services. Expanded commitment began when UniTech acquired Babcock Services’ Oak Ridge Service Center in June 2016. Purchase of OWL also sharpens UniTech’s focus on […]

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UniTech Named Utilities Service Alliance Supplier of the Year

In August, UniTech received the Utilities Services Alliance’s Supplier of the Year award! This award is based on USA customers’ evaluations of UniTech’s services and products over the past year. Thank you to our loyal USA customers! We look forward to another great year of working together in 2019.

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Joinville, France Facility Nears Groundbreaking

UniTech is inching closer to groundbreaking for its new laundry services facility in Joinville, France, with critical steps in the process happening by end of 2018. The permanent application review process began in October, and is expected to be approved in December. Once UniTech’s application is approved and a permit is issued, groundbreaking can be […]

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