Today’s nuclear industry turns to UniTech.

Since 1957, we’ve led the industry in developing and implementing advanced nuclear health services. Green, clean and sustainable, UniTech assures that nuclear facilities meet and exceed goals for safety, cost reduction and worker comfort… in every situation.

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UniTech Decontaminates 1.6 Million Lbs. of DC Cook Turbine Components

When the DC Cook Nuclear Plant replaced its turbines and corresponding outer casings, which were close to 100 yards in length, it created a unique but crucial decontamination project need for the obsolete turbines. These large components were too large and heavy for long-distance trucking, but required shipment to UniTech’s Oak Ridge Service Center (ORSC) […]

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New Product: UniFlex Cut-Resistant HPPE Gloves

UniTech’s new UniFlex CR (Chemical Resistant) Nitrile-Dipped High-Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) Gloves will give you the right protection for everyday work with heavy, sharp materials and equipment in your nuclear facility — without sacrificing comfort, flexibility or dexterity. Woven with 13-gauge HPPE material, UniFlex gloves provide superior cut and abrasion resistance for long-term use. The glove’s […]

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UniTech Introduces New Waterproof Supplied-Air Suit

Maximizing its expertise serving the European nuclear industry and its strategic partnership with 3M, UniTech has developed the Neptune Suit, a positive pressure personnel suit (PPPS) that cuts customers costs in half. Neptune Suit is a lightweight, waterproof suit made of comfortable polyurethane coated nylon fabric ideal for highly contaminated and damp areas. A complete […]

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