Today’s nuclear industry turns to UniTech.

Since 1957, we’ve led the industry in developing and implementing advanced nuclear health services. Green, clean and sustainable, UniTech assures that nuclear facilities meet and exceed goals for safety, cost reduction and worker comfort… in every situation.

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Candu Tool Decontamination Project Nearing December 2017 Completion

When Hydro Quebec’s mid-cycle refurbishment project was cancelled in 2013, Candu Energy was left with an obsolete tool set designed specifically for refurbishing Candu 6 nuclear reactors.

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30+ % Savings and Reduced Waste with 14-Inch GripTech Gloves

Since UniTech introduced its 14-inch high-visibility Nitrile GripTech glove, customers have sworn by the product’s maximum protection and quicker dressout process.

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UniTech to Administer NANTeL Training and Assessment, Saving Time and Assuring Compliance

Nuclear facilities turn to UniTech for important outage-related needs, including onsite labor for clothing management, laundry processing and just-in-time inventory.

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