Since UniTech introduced its 14-inch high-visibility Nitrile GripTech glove, customers have sworn by the product’s maximum protection and quicker dressout process. UniTech has gathered significant performance data over two years. The data supports GripTech gloves as a much more affordable option than traditional rubber gloves.

After transitioning from rubber gloves to 14-inch GripTech gloves, customers cut glove cost-per-use by roughly 30+ %.

Two main factors contribute to this significant cost savings:

  • GripTech gloves are more affordable to process than rubber gloves
  • Less than 0.2 percent of GripTech gloves are damaged or radiation rejected, thus virtually eliminating the need for premature glove replacement

Beyond immediate cost savings, GripTech gloves are the wise environmental choice. Customers who choose rubber gloves contribute unnecessary thousands of lbs. in radwaste to landfills each year. By nearly eliminating instances of damage and radiation rejection entirely, GripTech gloves prevent the waste and expense associated with rubber glove disposal.

Nuclear industry leaders are tasked with cutting costs by 30 percent or more in order to deliver the Nuclear Promise. Even the right choice in gloves can make a crucial difference. If you want to limit PCEs, avoid unnecessary costs and reduce radwaste – 14-inch GripTech gloves offer industry-best value without sacrificing protection, comfort or ease of use.

To learn more about implementing 14-inch GripTech gloves, contact your account representative or call Director of Sales and Marketing Gregg Johnstone at 413-543-6911 x146.