To our valued customers,

UniTech Services Group is committed to providing up-to-date information regarding potential product or services impacts as the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak continues to evolve.

We understand our importance as a critical supplier to the nuclear industry. Rest assured, we are resilient and ready to serve.

We do not foresee significant service disruptions through Q2.

We are actively working with our finished goods and raw materials suppliers to ensure a continuous pipeline across the range. Currently, based on our diverse sourcing composition and the verified inventory buffers held by UniTech and key suppliers of our products, we do not foresee any significant service (product supply) disruptions for the immediate period through the 2nd quarter. For the long run, we continue to explore all options to further insulate our supply chain. We have a well-established global reach.

UniTech launderable protective clothing and laundry services are independent of foreign sourcing.

Regarding the laundry service complement, a key advantage of reusable items is that we are independent of foreign sourcing and thus can provide continuous clean protective wear. Our laundry and respirator processing facilities are located throughout the United States, in Springfield, MA; Royersford, PA; Morris, IL; Barnwell, SC; Oak Ridge, TN; Richland, WA; and Ontario, CA.

Moreover, our facilities are designed to control contamination through time-tested engineered principles. We’ve implemented additional protective measures and increased housekeeping to reduce the risk of viral spread. Coupled with protective gear already worn by our employees, we are confident in our state of readiness. UniTech’s multiple regional facilities provide redundant support to the nuclear industry depending on shifting regional demands.

We have broad resources ready for rapid deployment. In addition to the above measures, UniTech has the following broad resources that can be quickly mobilized:

  • 50,000 sets of ProTech Coveralls (new and in-stock).
  • 300,000 sets of ProTech PPE inventory for spring and fall outage (available through our lease/rental programs).
  • Manufacturing based in North America that has not been affected by the pandemic and is capable of producing 500+ coveralls per day.
  • Direct distribution of MAXAIR® Systems and 3M® products. To date, we have not experienced any supply interruptions of Powered Air Purifying Respirators most commonly used in the Nuclear Industry.
  • A large inventory of single-use, disposable PPE at our Distribution Center, available for rapid deployment.

Please reach out to us if we can do more to support your operations. Our thoughts are with you, your staff, and all of your families during this difficult time.