The “ONE” Way to Manage Clothing, Cut Costs, Save Labor and Time

In an era when cheap natural gas competition is pushing nuclear plant managers to scrutinize every expense, UniTech is especially committed to identifying new opportunities for cost savings.

Our customers already know that using launderable ProTech Plus® garments can cut their protective clothing costs in half. Over the years, we’ve grown our protective clothing product line to meet the needs of every situation. Owning and maintaining a full inventory of UniTech apparel products is not the ideal solution for every facility. Therefore, we developed the One Program to provide an appropriate supply of garments for periods of increased need – such as a planned outage – without the hassle of onsite, long-term storage.

The One Program features an economical cost-per-use charge that includes:

  • Coverall and accessory use
  • Laundering
  • Transportation
  • Radwaste disposal

Implementation of the One Program is easy. During the planning stage of an outage, UniTech works with your staff to calculate the number of coveralls and accessories you will use. As the outage proceeds, we’ll make sure that you have more than enough:

  • ProTech Plus coveralls
  • ProTech Plus hoods
  • Rubber shoes and gloves
  • Nylon booties
  • 2,000 extra ColorSized ProTech Plus clothing sets (for no extra charge)

We also include our Mobile Safety Store, packed with:

Extra inventory for contingencies

As desired, UniWear single-use coveralls (to be used as sacrificial outer garments in high contamination areas)

Consumable safety supplies for just-in-time customer access (signs, tape, tacky mats, cleaning supplies, etc.)

PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirators)

Since 1958, UniTech handles the delivery and removal of all items. Plant workers can remain completely focused on outage assignments. At your request, UniTech personnel can assist onsite to provide support for dress-out procedures and other training.

UniTech’s protective garments have proven their value time and again. The One Program takes your cost savings further, mitigating inventory expenses. UniTech will work with you to ensure the right fit for your facility.

Through the One Program, customers pay for what they use, not for what they store!

For more information or a cost comparison, contact your UniTech account manager or our corporate sales group at (413) 543-6911.

“ONE” pricing makes cost comparison simple.