Fabrics contribute greatly to UniTech’s unique and well-rounded clothing program. UniTech’s protective clothing line offers excellent comfort and matchless protection, which were developed through years of research and experience.

Q. What processes/fabrics contribute to CoolTech’s comfort and protection?

cooltech_danA. The scrubs are more comfortable than disposable and cotton scrubs because they help wick moisture away from the body and dry quickly. The line also contains:

•    Anti-static properties
•    An improved carbon filament (prevents static charge buildup and reduces particle and radon attraction)

The smooth synthetic material prevents lint build-up commonly found in cotton scrubs while maximizing the ability to decontaminate to free-release criteria. Each pair of CoolTech scrubs also includes a small anti-theft wire, sewn into a seam in a way that is virtually undetectable, to assure these garments do not leave the site.

Q. What processes/fabrics contribute to ProTech Plus’ comfort and protectionprotech_suiting_up

A. ProTech Plus incorporates an array of textile enhancements such as:

•    High-quality micro denier synthetic yarns (for barrier protection and unsurpassed strength in arduous work environments)
•    A fluoroalkyl ether process (repels water and oils, is regenerative and offers excellent abrasion resistance)

They also contain:

•    An anti-microbial treatment (minimizes bacteria-caused odors and mildew agents)

Recent independent studies confirm UniTech’s balance of comfort and protection. Many of those findings and other relevant clothing information are available on UniTech’s Apparel Services web page.