Textile technology and garment design have come a long way in forty years. As the industry’s eminent radiological PPE leader, UniTech has invested substantially to optimize barrier protection and reduce heat stress. This was no easy task after modesty garment adoption added another layer of insulative clothing at the same time barrier requirements increased to address smaller contaminants and better detection.
The culmination of UniTech R&D is demonstrated through the proven ensemble of ProTech coveralls and CoolTech modesty garments. ProTech offers precise tailoring, zero textile insulation value (EPRI-measured), and ultra-strong barrier protection. In addition to superb vapor and thermal transport, ProTech’s engineered coverall and hood vents offer passive microclimate heat escapeclo_chart

ProTech’s sophistication pairs perfectly with the lightweight comfort of nanotech enhanced perspiration-wicking CoolTech modesties. Lab tests and documented user trials reflect the advantages of the ProTech+CoolTech ensemble over disposables. Simply put, there’s no equal in terms of barrier strength, comfort, environmental impact, and cost per use. (Independent laboratory test data available on request.