2.5 Million Lbs. of Tooling Decontaminated and Demobilized Over Three-Year Effort

When Hydro Quebec’s mid-cycle refurbishment project was cancelled in 2013, Candu Energy was left with an obsolete tool set designed specifically for refurbishing Candu 6 nuclear reactors.

This extensive mid-cycle refurbishment tooling set, weighing in at 2.5 million lbs. and requiring 715 containers, represented a liability that needed to be managed through final disposition.

The Candu 6 tool demobilization project, which began in 2015, will be completed by the end of this year. Since the project’s inception, Candu Energy has received copies of the unrestricted release surveys and certificates stating what materials have been managed through final disposition. This will continue until the project is completed.

UniTech processed and managed Candu’s tools at its Morris, Illinois radioactive material processing facility, which provides low, stable backgrounds; ample space; a focused labor group; and high-tech instrumentation for technically superior and cost-effective services. Throughout the Candu 6 demobilization project, much disassembly of equipment has been required before monitoring and decontamination could take place. Disassembling in UniTech’s off-site, spacious facilities was ideal for completing this massive task.

UniTech’s streamlined off-site sorting, monitoring and decontamination system results in unrestricted release of materials for reuse or recycling which ultimately reduces the quantities of radioactive waste generated. This integrated system is geared not only towards cutting costs for customers, but also towards reducing, reusing and recycling as much material as possible. These seamless processes make it possible to handle any monitoring and decontamination job, no matter how large or small.

Because of the unique challenges it posed, the project prompted UniTech to develop process improvements and customize solutions to assure Candu Energy the lowest risk and most cost-effective approach possible. The extensive improvements UniTech engineered will have a lasting, industry-wide, impact on tool and metal decontamination services.

Process improvements that have been applied during the Candu 6 tool demobilization project include optimized selection of radiation detectors, new and customized decontamination processes and enhanced material handling capabilities.

UniTech’s problem-solving and solution-based approach leads to green, clean, sustainable results. To make project completion possible, UniTech has revolutionized the industry practice of monitoring and decontamination, not only for the best results, but for the most savings, too.

In addition, UniTech’s newly-obtained BSFR license has opened new options. No matter what material handling circumstances apply to a project, UniTech can provide start-to-finish management, beginning with transportation and progressing through off-site sorting, monitoring and decontamination. In Candu 6’s case, UniTech was able to undertake this substantial project, assuming all responsibility for tool and equipment demobilization.


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