During its fall 2016 outage, Cooper Nuclear Station switched from single-use disposable garments to UniTech’s One Program and launderable garments. By making this transition, Cooper achieved an estimated 40-plus percent savings totaling $273,000. This total savings meant Cooper saved $7 per entry.

UniTech’s One Program ensured Cooper paid only a cost-per-use for items processed, instead of paying for a large number of single-use disposable garments and having to return them.

Throughout the outage, UniTech provided on-site labor for apparel distribution, stocking, packaging, and transportation for laundering. Site support ensured seamless transition, with UniTech personnel handling all inventory and shipping logistics.

By choosing ProTech coveralls, Cooper eliminated heat stress issues that previously hampered personnel. ProTech’s lightweight, air-permeable fabric received positive reviews from Cooper personnel throughout the outage. ProTech coveralls also offered better protection, minimizing personnel contamination events.
The success of Cooper’s fall 2016 outage has produced actionable cost savings data made available to all members of Utilities Services Alliance (USA). USA member utilities share cost-saving measurements amongst themselves to inform efficient decision making.

UniTech offers the most affordable, comfortable and effective protective clothing and garments to nuclear facilities. The One Program includes everything facilities need: coverall and accessory use, laundering, transportation, and radwaste disposal — all rolled into one economical program cost. We will work with you to calculate the number of coveralls and accessories you need each day during your outage.