Actionable Knowledge at 2014 R3 Conference

Thanks to the contributions of our customers and partners, UniTech’s third R3 (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Workshop was a powerful learning experience. At July’s conference in Fort Lauderdale, key themes emerged throughout:

  • Continuous improvement has become an industry imperative
  • Facilities are closely scrutinizing the full life-cycle impacts (not just the up-front costs) of equipment, apparel and processes
  • Sustainability must save money and time or reduce negative consequences
  • Facilities are making steady progress in managing contamination (from equipment to apparel to personnel) and continue to innovate

Peer-led sessions brought a world of best practices into the room. Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants at EON in Germany, Ten Years of Savings and Waste Avoidance via ProTech Anti-Cs at OPG Pickering and a customer panel, Managing Alpha Contamination Challenges, provided actionable knowledge. Participants learned about new safety offerings and workplace processes during New Products in Heat Stress Reduction and Change Management for Implementing for Work Gloves and Wickable Scrubs. Attendees talked about chemistry (R&D Chemistry Improves Decontamination Factors) and security (Cradle to Grave Accountability Using RFID Technology). These and all our discussions allowed 70-plus participants to return to their workplaces with new practical knowledge.