Reduce Waste with Long-Lasting Polymeric Mats

Building on our commitment to the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), UniTech is proud to be the exclusive nuclear industry distributor for Dycem floor mats. The washable polymeric mats use Van der Waals forces – the same forces that allow a gecko to climb walls – to reduce the potential spread of inadvertent ground level contamination.

When placed at entrances and exits or other critical control points, the Dycem mats reduce the movement of contaminants. More dirt on the mat means facilities stay cleaner. The soft polymer composition of the mat assures that it comes in contact with more surface area of shoes than a hard surface adhesive mat with peel-off films. At the same time, Dycem mats are highly durable, ideal for busy walking areas. Unlike adhesive mats, Dycem mats remain effective even when they appear dirty, still collecting dust particles as small as five microns (about the size of a red blood cell) from shoes and cart wheels.

With regular cleaning, Dycem mats are engineered to last as long as three years. (In fact, Magnox in Great Britain reports using some mats for four years.) Simply wash the mats in place with a small amount of liquid as part of your regular custodial routine. Since the mats can be recycled, they will reduce your facility’s impact on the waste stream. Even better, they will stretch your budget; Magnox’s Oldbury nuclear plant used 56,000 fewer peel-off sheets in one year, a savings of more than $80,000.

To find out more about how Dycem mats can improve your nuclear facility’s maintenance plan, overall safety and budget, contact your UniTech account representative.