UniTech has been granted full import and export capabilities to decontaminate materials from Canadian nuclear plants at its U.S. facilities in Oak Ridge, TN; Morris, IL; and Royersford, PA.

Earlier this year, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued an export license for UniTech to return up to 10,000 metric tons of radioactively contaminated material to Canada. No additional import license, beyond the general import license already held by UniTech, was required.

This licensure allows UniTech to ship Canadian low-level radioactive waste (that cannot legally be disposed of in the U.S.) back to Canada for disposal, after processing.

“Ultimately, the licensure we now have allows UniTech to offer Canadian utilities the full suite of TMD and waste management capabilities we offer American utilities,” explained Director of Sales and Marketing Gregg Johnstone. “We’re enthused to be offering programs across both the U.S. and Canada that help utilities significantly decrease operational costs, while reducing, reusing and recycling materials as much as possible.”