This year, many American nuclear facilities have faced closure – a sight we do not like to see. With plants like Clinton, Quad Cities, Diablo Canyon, and Fort Calhoun scheduled to decommission and others in need of subsidies to remain open, unfortunate news has dominated the industry in recent months.

Despite serious challenges, there is still a great deal to be hopeful about in our industry.

  • Last year, nuclear represented about 63% of the carbon-free power generation in the United States (close to 20% of total electricity production)
  • The United States, Mexico and Canada have pledged together to generate 50 percent of North American electricity through carbon-free energy sources, including nuclear, by 2025
  • According to the World Nuclear Association, more nuclear power units are currently under construction worldwide than any other time in the past 25 years

Amidst American nuclear plant closures, communities and consumers have voiced their support for our industry. Closure of Fort Calhoun is being met with an extensive “Save FCS” movement in Washington County, Nebraska. Californian green energy groups have voiced their support of Diablo Canyon, and even the already-retired San Onofre station. Legislators and private investors also realize that nuclear is pertinent to the future of carbon-free energy.

With nuclear facilities closing for financial reasons, savings are crucial to those that plan to continue operating. We know our customers need cost-effective solutions in order to have continued success. Our strategic acquisition of Babcock Services’ Oak Ridge Service Center will provide our customers significant savings, including BSFR disposal at reduced rates, as well as regulatory compliance advantages.

Our other initiatives, from tool and equipment monitoring, management and decontamination to comprehensive apparel, outage support and safety offerings, are all designed to save customers money, time and to reduce management stressors. Nuclear management groups across the industry hope to deliver the Nuclear Promise, operating their nuclear facilities at sustained high levels of safety while significantly reducing operating expenses. UniTech’s programs are designed to help our customers achieve that Nuclear Promise.