LM8 Monitor Monitor large flat surfaces with the LM8 monitor. 8 detectors staggered for maximum coverage. Rollers provide smooth sweep and consistent spacing.

VM3 Monitor The 3 detectors of the VM3 monitor scans a broad surface and reduces the number of passes needed.

IP1 Monitor With the IP1 monitor UniTech can reach areas off limits to conventional scanners including interior surfaces of pipes and scaffolding.

IC2 Monitor The IC2 monitor’s strategically overlapped detectors scan interior surfaces of 90 degree corners in one sweep.

OC2 Monitor Scan exterior edges with the OC2 monitor. Cover more surface area in one pass than conventional monitors can in several.

Alpha Count UniTech provides alpha count smear testing used for Canadian customers.

Hand Frisking Made Smarter

UniTech R&D focuses substantial energy on solving the industry’s most vexing problems with tool and metal monitoring and decontamination. This article highlights just a few of our recent additions. For a more complete picture, check out our TMD videos at www.unitechus.com/services/tool-metal-equipment-monitoring-decontamination/ – or call us anytime.


Decontamination That’s Tougher than Steel

ChemClean Process
For items that have fixed contamination levels that cannot be removed through standard methods, UniTech has engineered and designed a new ChemClean Process that can remove millions of DPM from contaminated equipment within fifteen minutes…accomplishing the difficult task of decontaminating components with millions of DPM to achieve minimum detectable activity levels. Ideal for tough-to-decon stainless steel components, among others.