UniTech customers can now lease up to 250 3M® VersafloTR-600 Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) for short-term special project use, available on a first-come-first-serve basis with priority given to larger projects that require all 250 units. Leasing of the best-in-category PAPRs will empower customers to limit capital expenses for one-time or infrequent projects that require personnel to be outfitted with respiratory protection. 

Leased TR-600 units, offered through UniTech’s nuclear industry direct-from-the-manufacturer partnership with 3M®, will include blowers and all associated blower accessories. Customers will purchase headtops and other accessories from UniTech separately so that the proper TR-600 configurations can be selected for the desired application. The TR-600 can be configured in dozens of ways, providing nuclear plants the flexibility to use the base Versaflotechnology to suit a wide range of exposures, applications, locations, and tasks. 

“The TR-600 offers our customers ultimate flexibility, and meets the vast majority of potential nuclear plant respiratory protection needs,” said UniTech Technical Account Manager Shannon FItzgerald. “Each TR-600 assembly can be easily customized with the headtops and accessories needed for appropriate protection against particulates, gases, and vapors. From grinding, coating, and welding — to special project work in high-contamination and wet areas, the TR-600 is the go-to choice.” 

Fitzgerald noted that TR-600 units are packaged by UniTech with easeful shipping and handling in mind. He also encourages customers using TR-600s to consider the following:

  • When selecting the TR-600 configuration right for your special project, include blower covers. A variety of custom-made blower motor and hose covers are available that prevent damage and reduce contamination contact, significantly reducing decontamination time and increasing the likelihood that each unit will meet decontamination criteria when processed. 

  • Utilities looking to reduce overhead costs through long-term strategies can purchase their own pool of new TR-600 units, to be managed by UniTech and allocated to each plant in the fleet when needed. This strategy has proven advantageous for an existing UniTech customer. 

  • Take special measures to ensure PAPR units are not misplaced or mistakenly discarded as waste. We see this happen often! If this is a recurring issue at your plant with PAPRs or other valuable items, UniTech can install the infrastructure needed to install RFID chips on valuable items to ensure they are managed and stored properly. 

Have an upcoming special project that requires respiratory protection? Contact your UniTech Technical Account Manager to learn more.