As part of the ORSC acquisition, UniTech has retained existing staff, many of whom have worked together efficiently for over 15 years. With more than 60 years of combined experience, ORSC staff members have built a reputation of unsurpassed service and customer satisfaction. ORSC operates with the goal of providing customers innovative solutions, outstanding customer service and competitive rates.


Jeff Wilson has been in the nuclear services industry for over 35 years. He started his career with Westinghouse Nuclear Services Division managing various product lines and later served as Operations Manager for Professional Laundry Management (PLM).

While at UniTech, Wilson has held positions as Technical Account Manager and Columbia Decommissioning Project Manager. He has been a key developer of the tool and equipment decontamination programs currently being utilized at UniTech. In his new position, Wilson will be responsible for overseeing the Babcock Services ORSC acquisition and assisting with the strategic planning and growth of this product line.


Kevin Graczyk ORSC Plant Manager

Kevin Graczyk has managed ORSC since July 2013. He has worked in the nuclear industry since 1985, accruing extensive waste processing experience with Frank W. Hake, Studsvik, Inc. and Babcock Services, Inc. In his new role with UniTech, Graczyk will continue to manage the ORSC plant.

“I like the challenge of providing our customers with outside-the-box, economical solutions to their problems. At ORSC, we have learned through the years that communication between our own team as well as with the sales group, our customers and our vendors makes us better than most companies. I am lucky to have the best team in the business,” said Graczyk.


Jo Ann Dauberger ORSC Technical Sales & Service Manager

A member of the ORSC team since February 2014, Jo Ann Dauberger arrived with a track record of client relations expertise, honed in prior positions with Studsvik, Inc. and US Ecology. As ORSC Technical Sales and Service Manager, Dauberger handles customer proposals, cost models, contract and PO management, shipment scheduling, invoice review, and more.

“Being proactive, available when clients need us, and offering timely responses and effective follow-up is how I like to operate. The communication with our ORSC facility goes hand-in-hand with this. The support, respect and open communication I receive from our ORSC facility manager, Kevin Graczyk, makes this possible,” said Dauberger.