Since 1957, when UniTech Services Group became the first licensed radiological laundry provider in the United States, our team has worked to address unmet needs in the nuclear industry. A lot has changed over time. But UniTech remains one of the longest-standing service providers, continually looking for new ways to serve customers and elevate safety, efficiency, and profitability in the nuclear industry.

One of our newest offerings was, once again, born out of industry demand. UniTech’s Monitoring Services provide an easy, reliable, repeatable way to monitor radiation levels in equipment of various shapes and sizes. Our technicians use these solutions to regularly monitor scaffolding, pipes, tools, FRAC tanks, fork and scissor lifts, ladders, and much more—including custom monitoring devices and plans to meet unique customer needs.

UniTech designs and builds custom monitoring devices to meet specific materials and equipment demands, yielding more accurate and consistent monitoring results that cannot be duplicated with handheld monitoring equipment.

Rather than allowing contaminated tools and equipment to accumulate on-site, UniTech can provide transportation and storage along with the industry’s most advanced monitoring and decontamination. Our radioactive material processing facilities provide low stable backgrounds, ample space, a focused labor group, and high-tech instrumentation for technically superior and cost-effective services. Using UniTech’s Monitoring Services can translate to top-quartile regulatory ratings, as opposed to other inefficient or inaccurate methods of radioactive monitoring that could have dire consequences for your organization.

Comprehensive UniTech Monitoring Systems and Services

UniTech designs, builds, and uses customized monitors to ensure customers receive consistent and reliable monitoring results.

Our straight scaffold pipe and round item monitor consists of overlapping detectors positioned around the pipe, assuring that the exterior surfaces are completely monitored with computer-controlled alarm points and user-selectable confidence levels.

Some monitoring requires detectors that are shaped to match the item being monitored. Excel vertical leg piping has collars spaced every 8” along upright sections. UniTech’s specially shaped detectors survey entire sections of scaffolding in seconds.

Our pipe splitter slices through long sections of pipe, exposing inaccessible areas to allow direct survey of fixed radioactivity. The pipe splitter cuts through metal up to three inches in diameter so internal surfaces can be surveyed for free release. Splitting and monitoring also reveals whether internal surfaces need to be decontaminated.

Automated Laundry Monitors

As an industry-trusted nuclear laundry provider, UniTech has mastered radioactive monitoring for laundered items. Our team has developed Automated Laundry Monitors to meet every monitoring need. The laundry monitors include digital instrumentation and individually amplified detector signals that allow for monitoring at very low levels of activity and assure maximum efficiency. Each system uses two rows of staggered gas flow detectors—above and below the item—with adjustable height and synchronized wire mesh conveyors, minimizing the distance between garments and the detector and providing optimal counting geometry.

Monitoring can be a time-intensive and costly endeavor, especially if not done properly. UniTech Monitoring Services provides a team of experienced, trained technicians focused solely on monitoring your tools and equipment. Our custom-built monitoring devices and solutions provide more accurate results through a far more efficient process, saving you time and money. Let the UniTech Monitoring Services team handle your monitoring and decontamination challenges.

Watch our featured video to learn more about UniTech Monitoring Services.