With valve adjustments and final testing now completed, UniTech’s Neptune Suit™ is ready for customer use — just in time for a busy Spring 2020 outage season.

The Neptune Suit™ is a lightweight, waterproof suit made of quiet, comfortable polyurethane coated nylon fabric ideal for highly contaminated and damp areas. The suit is designed to cut costs in half compared to traditional waterproof suits.

  • No expiration date
  • Flexibility of use with or without supplied air
  • Can be laundered multiple times, leading to significant savings
  • Enhanced worker comfort
  • Durable and applicable to many areas of operation
  • Air temperature can be lowered by the Vortex Cooler when used with supplied air
  • Reduced lead time for resupply
  • Easy to implement and standardize fleet-wide

A complete Neptune Suit™ kit includes the following:

  • Neptune Suit™ 3M®
  • Waterproof Hood 3M®
  • Head Suspension 3M®
  • Versaflo Tyvek Cover