We’ve recently added a 14-inch high-visibility Nitrile GripTech glove to our line. This 14-inch extended-cuff model improves the seal with apparel and makes for an easier, speedier and less wasteful dressout process. The gloves eliminate the need for taping garments and removes the potential of radioactive contamination from tape’s adhesive residue. Key features of all GripTech gloves include:

  • Maximum protection
  • Color-coded bands by size for easy identification
  • Marked and color-coded “right” and ‘left” for easy sorting
  • Breathable knit back helps keep hands cool
  • Water-resistant dipped palm
  • Nitrile-dipped palm is highly resistant to oils and solvents while
    retaining elasticity
  • Comfortable, with ergonomic curved design
  • Excellent gripping ability
  • Launderable, reusable, long-lasting – highly cost-efficient!

Customers who try GripTech gloves swear by them. Check out our literature at www.unitechus.com/literature/#apparel.