We’re proud to introduce theD.R.A.D. (Dose Rate AwarenessDisplay) 3000 from InnovativeIndustrial Solutions as a new worker safety product inUniTech’s inventory.

D.R.A.D. 3000 informs workers of the dose rates in the field they are working in. When connected to a telemetry basestation, an I.I.S. transmitter collects data from DMC 3000Personal Electronic Dosimeters (from Mirion Technologies)carried in-pocket by workers and retransmits the dose rate data back to the D.R.A.D.3000, which is worn on the worker’s chest or waist.

D.R.A.D. 3000 features a built-in clip for multiple wearing options, as well as an optional mag mount, and tethers for foreign material exclusion (FME).

The display operates on a newly developed, lightweight, internal rechargeableLiPo battery, with a run time of 8-10 hours. Product comes with a 10’ USB charging cable.

Interested in learning about the logistics of implementing dose rate awareness displays at your facility? Contact yourUniTech sales rep to schedule a consultation.

New Product: Dose Rate Awareness Display 1