UniTech Team Offers Proven Solutions

Nuclear plant management is getting the word from above: cut costs or risk closure.
At some point, it becomes challenging for management to devise yet more ways to cut costs without negatively affecting safety or productivity. Decreases to either productivity or safety defeat the purpose of creating savings, especially over the long term.
UniTech has developed (and vetted) new ideas and initiatives to save money in nearly everything our customers do. Here’s a checklist of changes to consider:

  • Leverage UniTech’s latest tool and metal monitoring and decontamination technologies to reduce costs, storage issues and liability
  • Choose launderable apparel rather than disposables
  • Use our onsite labor for clothing collection and distribution during outages, minimizing labor costs, while assuring sufficient labor for critical path work
  • Use launderable, reusable GripTech gloves in place of rubber gloves; improving working comfort and dexterity while reducing costs
  • Install long-lasting, effective Dycem mats (featured in our last newsletter, now online at unitechus.com/news/eliminate-tacky-mats)
  • Reuse 3M breathing tubes by employing reusable protective covers which facilitate reuse with minimal decontamination
  • Employ byproduct / trash sorting / item recovery / BSFR disposition
  • Consolidate your scrub and rad shipments for major savings
  • Security inspections – local UniTech plant options to save money and reduce travel costs
  • Eliminate the need for hard hat covers
  • Using expensive waterproof Delta Suits? Switch to our DryGuard suits with vortex chiller, with no expiration dates resulting in 10 percent cost savings and better heat stress reduction

Interested? Let us calculate how much your plant can save.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?
Legacy Material

  • Trailers, containers & FRAC tanks sit idle
  • Warehouses, basements and designated storage areas fill-up with loosely tracked tools & equipment
  • Fukushima, INPO pressure and executive leadership drive action to reduce & eliminate unused and left-behind material from past projects


  • Contractor tools take utility HP time and clutter the critical path during outage
  • HP is left with contaminated material with limited to no budget for decon post-outage
  • Rare re-use items create risk of PCEs due to limited decon and management
  • Maintenance buys the same equipment over and over again


  • Non-outage capital projects are very diverse
  • On-site project management teams are not often resourced to directly manage temporary labor
  • The utility is often encumbered by decon laborers
  • Free-releasing material may require third-party validation


UniTech’s Decontamination & Off-Site Recycling Program
Permanent disposition is no longer the only option UniTech’s value propositions for decontamination & off-site recycling can generate:

  • Up to millions of dollars in savings for utilities, fleet-wide
  • Potentially over thirty percent recovery on valuable tools that would otherwise need to be repurchased
  • Shared scrap value for obsolete items

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