The dog days of summer are fast approaching. In hotter climates, the temperatures are already rising, impacting the safety and productivity of nuclear plant employees.

AquaVest® by CoolShirt Systems is one of the most popular heat stress management solutions offered by UniTech across the U.S. and Canada, especially in the harshest warm weather climates.

AquaVest keeps workers cool and comfortable by helping to maintain a safe core body temperature, ultimately lessening dehydration. The garment is launderable, and its patented non-kink tubing ensures consistent and continuous cooling. AquaVest can be used with either a portable cooling BackPack System, or a Multi-Person Cooling Station that cools up to six workers at a time.

Other CoolShirt Systems vest and shirt models, as well as cooling systems, are available upon request. For more information on UniTech’s full product line of heat stress management offerings, which includes other garments, scrubs, coveralls, and supplied air systems, contact your UniTech account manager or contact our corporate office at (413) 543-6911.